Affiliate Program

Semavi Affiliate Program allows you to get a lifelong passive income from the sale of communication services.

To become a partner Semavi, you need to select the partner status under my membership. You can then use your referral link for the invitation and partners to build their own business in the promotion of communication services.

80% of the package Semavi WS returns partners for their activities.

STARTER membership -15 level referral program.

Level 1- 20%

Level 2- 10%

Level 3- 20%

Level 4- 2%

Level 5- 2%

Levels 6...15- 1%

16% in Points

PREMIUM membership - 5 level referral program.

Level 1- 60%

Level 2- 10%

Level 3- 8%

Levels 4...5 - only Points

2% in Points

Points - This is an Internal Currency Semavi WS

Semavi appreciates and rewards your actions. More than 200 actions in the network are measured points.

Your income depends on your desires and interpersonal skills.

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All wish you happiness, kindness and success!