• lullaby

    What is the first melody in life any your baby? Sure, lullaby! Quiet and soothing tunes help the baby to sleep, provide feeling of comfort and security as well as introduced to vast, unknown world, that its encompasses from all sides. A listen remotely or download this enchanting melodies you can on our platform - baby lullaby .

    Since historic hours mom sang lullaby loved the kids, whereby descendants and parents found sturdy relationship with each other, which will continue throughout the whole life. In every country there are your own national lullaby. They display history and culture different peoples. However is unifying moment for absolutely all lullabies, both ancient and current. They are filled with maternal feelings, protection and devotion. Children feel it, even when they don't know text.

    On our site we collected the extensive collection of lullabies melodies that you have the option pour yourself or the to hear online, you notice that absolutely for free and not reges. Here you discover collections ancient and newest lullabies, audio-stories, music sheets and lyrics, traditional music for toddlers and other curious suggestions for you and your child.

    With us, your baby quickly calms down, good sleeps at night and gives joy and great mood to your dad and mom. Children fall asleep to lullabies will more calm and restrained than those who fall asleep to mumbling TV or street noises.

    And lullaby tunes give the child knowledge of the world and other people. Therefore the baby is not afraid of the world and sees friends, not villains around.

    the Kid is learning not only hear and to hear. His ability to concentrate increases, thinking becomes more formed, and speech develops faster.

    Lullabies are the optimal solution for those kids who don't want to fall asleep. Calm tunes with simple motives put to sleep even Hyper active children and will give them a deep, healthy sleep. A lullaby with words helps to remember first words to increase their horizons. Listen to these lovely lullaby for kids together with your child on our web site!