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  • Viktor Rassadin С праздником весенним! С днём 8 Марта! Пусть здоровье будет Лучшим из подарков! Пожелаю счастья, Молодости вечной! И шагать по жизни Бодро и беспечно!
    Mar 7

  • Viktor Rassadin Пусть будут светлыми года, Как родниковая вода, Благополучен жизни путь, Надежда согревает грудь, Улыбка зреет на устах, И радость светится в глазах!
    July 22, 2017

  • Diana Kalmykova Оригинал: He that mischief hatches mischief catches. Дословно: Кто вынашивает зло, зло и получает. Оригинал: As the fool thinks, so the bell clinks. Дословно: Как дурак думает, так колокол и звонит. Русский аналог: Дуракам закон не писан. "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? Then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil." Может ли кушит изменить цвет своей кожи, а леопард свои пятна? Так и вы неспособны творить добро, приучившись злодействовать.
    Jan 24

  • Genovaite Grusiene язык- мой друг... язык мой враг.
    November 10, 2018

  • Наталья Шмагина Глоксиния
    February 5, 2018

  • Elena Ivanova Не требуйте и не ожидайте от других схожести с вами.
    Mar 5

  • Tahir Mirzayev Huseyn Shahbendoyev My captive school (story) It's 33 years since I got into the first class. Our school was on the other side of the Baritli River flowing through the middle of our village. I did not even remember this river. They had thrown a narrow bridge to the other shore, over the river, where the man's voice jumped. A man might have crossed somehow. Every time I crossed the bridge, my heart was in my mouth, I was afraid that suddenly my foot would slide and fall into the river, and then ... Sometimes my mind had such a question and I condemned the big ones, and I would not do it. The school's path was the worst source of danger: a curved-haul trail opened on the harsh slope 3-4 times until you reached the small plain near the school, and she had to pull her hands down to the ground. I went to school very enthusiastically. At home, my two-year-old brother started to read, but his respect for the house had grown a little; he was only "5". I was trying to read him like that. My teacher was my uncle's cousin, and sometimes I remembered him as a teacher, and when he was little he made me so joked and jealous ... But it did not take long, slowly understood that kindness in the house would not pass here, I have to follow that. In short time came to my first earnings to my earnings and talent, and imagine how happy I was when I showed my parents the first pricing table I received from school ... I was already in the 2nd grade. The first half-year prices were all five. We were sitting in the dark, sitting in the light of the lamp, and no joke on you. The Armenians were extinguished our light. At that time the lights were often turned off, sometimes we were 1-2 days without light, then it was burning. But this time the situation was different. It was clear from the conversation that the Armenian armed forces exploded the rope crossing the Kalbajar River. They wanted to keep the people in fear and panic. Maybe they should move away and live in other places. Even though I was a child, I was in those tensions, witnessed by the agonies and worries of the elderly, and even now, years later, I think that problems have increased everyday, hours and hours. My father also received a new transistor, listening to the programs of the Armenians in Azerbaijani every day. Finally, they said, "They lie, they can not believe them." And it was clear that they were in despair. The situation at school also deteriorated, because of the lack of electricity, we could not heat up the classes, our hands and face burst into bare flesh. The peacock was almost at the center of the breathing. Almost all of us have donated ... One of the days Hasan teacher sent us home from the second lesson. He did not show any reason, but it was too gloomy to separate his head from the magazine on the table: -Remember your books and go home. They are waiting for you at home. " We never saw our teacher; In the courtyard, we learned that the village has been killed by the dead soldier, all teachers go there ... The meeting dedicated to the martyrs' soldier's memorial will not be forgotten: most pupils and teachers were crying. They were killed by Kalbajar in Goych. They were attacked by mail and there was no room in the body. We also felt the weights of silence. In the speeches of our teachers, the Armenians who killed Namiqi and those who were aggressive were also cursed. It was suggested that the school be established in connection with martyrs, and ask them to give the school its name. The incident shocked everyone that we did not feel the way forward and how Novruz was going. There were not any tonkals left, children and adolescents did not feel the festive atmosphere ... We left the village eight days after Novruz. Three days in the footsteps of the Armenians, we passed through the fires of the Armenians and delivered them to Ganja. Later, I read in different schools ... These memories are very painful, for what has caused us to leave our home and our home? Both my father and my father had Armenian friends. We always respected them! So why did they do so? This question remains unclear for many as well. When it's morning, I'll take my daughter to the first class. But this is not my school where I read. My school is far from here. The building of that school was burned by Armenians and the walls remained. I've surfed the Internet ... I can not go there anymore if I want to ... Hasan has no teacher anymore ... My daughter is now going to her school. Now he is very happy. There is no news about what happened.
    December 5, 2018